Tuesday, September 08, 2009


Time for a rant. A lefty, liberal biased, nay, might I even say it, SOCIALISTIC, rant.


Here goes.

Hey, you dumb fuck Americans with your tea parties and your reactionary attitudes, all spouting out about the evils of 'socialism', SHUT UP AND LISTEN TO REASON.

I am so SICK AND TIRED of hearing you people, who don't even know what you are talking about, spouting off about Obama's health care plan being "socialist". I mean, what the FUCK? The guy is trying to help you have reasonably priced health care, help you avoid bankruptcy because you get sick, help the poor get health insurance, and basically try to fix the drag on the economy that is the health care system in the States, and you right wing idiots sit there and say shit like "I don't want the government telling me what doctor I can choose!" (Um, isn't that what insurance companies do?)
"I don't want a socialist state!" (Well, I live in a socialist state, and I can tell you, it's working in a lot of very important ways.)
The one that makes me laugh the most (besides, of course, the absurd death panels, I mean, really?) is when people say "Keep the government out of my Medicare!" Um, you DO know that Medicare is a government program, don't you?

Here's what I do know. Since moving to Norway, I have become accustomed to the following:
  • A local doctor, close to my home, who spends as much time with me as I need and listens to may concerns.
  • I can choose any doctor I want. I can do this online, too.
  • For this, for a lengthy visit, where I am a person and not a number, I pay no more than $30.
  • I do not pay health insurance. My health care is included in my taxes.
  • For the record, I pay 36% tax, which includes health care for me and for any kids (kids get free dental as well), retirement, old age nursing home if needed (though apparently those places are a bit harder to get than people like), college for my kids (if I had them), childcare for kids (with maybe a small additional fee), cultural programs such as libraries and so forth, a monthly child stipend (if I had kids, and boy sometimes do I wish I did seeing all these benefits!) and 9 month's fully maternity leave or a year at 80% (with 6 weeks going exclusively to the husband.) What do you get for your taxes?
  • I need not worry about staying with a job just to keep my health care. I can have any job I want, and my health care remains the same.
  • I have health care if I am unemployed.
  • I know I won't go bankrupt if I get sick.
  • Cancer, or a catastrophic disease of similar ilk, is dealt with efficiently, caringly and cheaply, even if you are unemployed or poor.
  • If you wish to have more private health care, there are places that do that.
  • I have never had a problem getting in to the doctor, but if there is a problem and I need to go NOW, I can go to the private health care place and get seen quickly for not much more than a regular doctor visit back home.
  • As a woman, having a baby outside wedlock, or an abortion, or just getting your general check ups and health taken care of, is not a problem, it's not judged, it's not an issue. It's just a part of life. Part of being a human woman. Single mom-dom is not frowned upon. children are supported and given every chance no matter who the parents are. I mean, wow? Can you imagine?
Can you imagine how much American society would change if you just didn't have to worry about your health insurance? If it was just, you know, a part of your life? It was just THERE?

Just what are you protesting against? How is any of the above bad? Seriously? Add up what you pay for health insurance, doctor's visits, your retirement savings + social security, your childcare, your children's college savings, your college loans, possibly nursing home for your parents, AND your taxes......and tell me if that adds up to 36% of your salary....I'm certain it's more.

I don't mind paying taxes if I get something for it. Something more than a war, I mean.

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