Thursday, September 10, 2009

Live blogging from hell

(though honestly, isn't all blogging live?)

GOD THIS MOVING THING SUCKS. Just as I thought, yesterday we had two little guys packing up, but today 6 HUGE guys showed up, which tells me the little guys went back and were all, "Dude, these Americans have waaaaay too much shit and we need some help, yo."

So we've got a tall skinny metal head Greek covered in tattoos, a very large muscular Norwegian, a nice older Norwegian guy, a German guy, and the previous two, who are from Congo and Romania. I think I understand how it might have felt to be pillaged by Vikings. They come in, take all your stuff away, and you are left sitting there going, "WTF just happened?" Luckily, since it's modern days, this particular pillage does not have part two, the rape, though if someone pulls my hair I'm throwing punches first and asking questions later.

Four of them are now at the new place, taking a load over. I'm left with the Greek and the older guy, who is very calming and sweet. Rich calls me every few minutes asking for directions about something. On my other ear I have the home phone, while I wait on endless hold with IKEA to set up the delivery for our stuff on Monday. I sincerely regret missing both their calls, as I cannot get through to them. Lesson learned: If IKEA calls you, ANSWER. You will never get through if you call them. I've been on hold for over an hour, over multiple attmepts to get through. I'm also getting tons of emails and calls from work on my new, as-yet-despised, Blackberry. I am feeling pulled in 12 directions. And I'm HUNGRY.

I am quite worried about unpacking at the new place. There are so many boxes of shit, it's just incredible. Not much furniture, but a lot of shit. The boxes of dishes and kitchen stuff alone are, from what Rich says, taking up the whole kitchen. So, my questions, 1) how do you unpack when you can't get into the room, and 2) how the hell are we going to find a place to keep the empty boxes while we unpack. I mean, they will need a room to themselves, and I really don't have a room to spare.

And it's a beautiful, lovely, gorgeous day today and I just want to be in the damn hammock, but I can't because it's packed.

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