Thursday, September 17, 2009

ikea hell

Oh my God, y'all.

I am so over the Ikea.

It got delivered Monday, all 1200 pounds of it. It's been sitting in huge piles. Huge, long, toe-destroying piles. The sofa is not out of its wrappers yet, still on its side. The building of the Ikea closets, she is a slow process.


Today, we have it largely done. The closets are in place. (I have them sideways, back to back, sticking out into the room, so that it creates a sort of room within a room behind it. Yes, pictures later, though I don't know how well it will come across in photos.) The doors are on. That took a lot less time than I thought. I just need to put the shelves in. Then I can put my clothes in. So...woo!

Also? I think this place is haunted. I really do.

The TV turned on by itself last night. Rich insists he turned it off when he went to bed.

Then, at three this morning, he had to turn it off again.


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