Friday, September 04, 2009

space ship

I rented a car today, for the weekend, so that we can go to IKEA and other furniture type stores in preparation for the move. (Closets! Must buy closets!)

The last car I bought was in 1997, my Subaru. I bought it new. I thought it was pretty spanky. It had cruise control, a/c, nice stereo, 5 speed, auto locks and windows, etc etc...all the things one needs for a nice ride.

This rental car? Like a SPACE SHIP compared to my old Subaru. A VW Passat diesel, black, sleek, shiny, all red and blue subtle lights and automatic everything and buttons and gizmos. I won't figure out what they all are for before I have to return it. I feel intimidated by its sophistication, but oddly cosseted.

It will make an extremely elegant carrier of flat pack furniture. I'm sure my 1961 2CV in Texas would do the job as well, but with far fewer gizmos and buttons, and, er, roof.

We go to IKEA tonight. Was teased at work for going on a Friday, but most people there said that they go there on Friday, too, as it's less crowded and you can get stuff done. Let the cool people date and go to clubs. I'm buying Pax wardrobes, Schmerglby sofa and Bjørkmeister rug and having kjøttboller for dinner. (Names made up except for wardrobe and kjøttboller, which means 'meatballs' but it pronounced suspiciously close to 'shitballer'.)

Shitballer with fries and that brown cream gravy. Nummy.

And, apropos of nothing: I stepped on a slug today. It was mostly presquashed, and I was wearing shoes, but oh my god it was nasty. I slid in slug guts. I have managed to not step on those horrrible things for 7 years and then, today, I did it. Like nails on a chalkboard, you never forget the sensation of slug underfoot.

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