Sunday, September 13, 2009

Me? Steal Bandwidth? Nah.

Two nights into the new place.

20 things I have discovered about the new flat or moving in general:
  1. There are a bunch of different floor levels in this rambling old place. I am constantly stubbing my toes on high door jambs or falling down into rooms. I have to learn how to get around here. And I need some night lights. Cuz, ow.
  2. I really, REALLY miss my old fridge. That thing was FABULOUS. This new fridge is bog standard, tiny, little Norwegian fridge and I can't fit ANYTHING into it like I could the old one. Everything has to lie on its side. Sigh.
  3. The kitchen does not have as much space as the old one, though it looks like it does.
  4. The ceilings are HIGH.
  5. The tops of the curtains are HIGH. Ladders are very necessary. I hated the kitchen curtains and it was my mission to make them go away. The kitchen, by the way, is done. Mostly. I might rearrange some stuff. And change the light fixture. (I can do that myself, right?)
  6. It's very nice to have a dryer again, though I can't use it much because it's expensive, electricity wise. But, oh, soft towels!
  7. There is a coffee house downstairs, and so the kitchen, which looks down at their back door where the coffee storage is, smells of fresh roasted coffee all the time.
  8. This is fabulous, but also makes me want coffee. ALL THE TIME.
  9. This apartment gets light all day long. It goes in a circle, from the bedroom through the living room and then at the end of the day it bounces off the building across the way and so we get that light too. AWESOME.
  10. I think the dining room is haunted. It gives me the willies. I find myself almost running through it. I'm trying to get over it. TRYING.
  11. Tomorrow IKEA delivers the sofa and the wardrobes. I can't WAIT to get my shit put away. This depends on Rich's puttiny my wardrobes together.
  12. I still have not found my underwear (comfortable underwear, mind you, I found the uncomfortable thongs, lacy things and "butt squoosher" sliminizers), my t shirts, my tank tops or my socks. I just want some damned socks!
  13. Note to self: Make the movers label the boxes more specifically next time. 40 boxes marked, "Karla, Clothes" just does NOT cut it.
  14. One box is labeled "Deco, Leaves, Glass, Misc". WTF?
  15. I have too damned much shampoo. And moisturizer. And shoes.
  16. Also, I miss the big laundry room we had previously (the washer and dryer are in a bathroom here), where we kept all the random crap we didn't know where else to keep. Now? We have to find spaces for all that shit. Does shoe polish go in the kitchen or in a bathroom?
  17. We get, like, 20 channels of TV for FREE here, but only about 8 of them are watchable. Still! TV! Included!
  18. I'm gonna lose weight climbing up and down the stairs all the time.
  19. It's surprisingly quiet at night. No louder than our other place, so that is awesome
  20. I love it here.

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