Saturday, September 05, 2009


Things I've learned over the past two days:

1) When trying to go to bed quietly, and not turning on the bathroom light, a tube of Dermologica Gentle Cream Exfoliator and a tube of Solidox toothpaste feel exactly alike.
2) They do not, however, TASTE exactly alike.
3) It is not possible nor advisable to exfoliate your tongue.
4) Do not take your husband furniture shopping on an empty stomach. He gets very grouchy and you will get into a screaming fight over something stupid like parking and you won't understand why he is being such a BITCH. Men turn into three year olds when hungry. Even he admits it. FEED THEM.
5) When you do eat before shopping, beware of the heartburn effect caused by the Ikea meatballs with brown gravy. Oy. *Urp*.
6) Buying PAX closets at Ikea takes about three hours. If you are buying three. And there are about a million choices and you just want it DONE ALREADY but there is no way you can figure out how to do it yourself. And you know what you want already, and it's NOT the ones on display. And there is no one to help you until the very end when you are rescued by a wonderful Swede. And then you want to cry with relief when he (Jarle! I love you!) FINALLY helps you.
7) Shopping at Ikea is not too bad on Friday night between 7 and 10pm. The rest of the world has dates and, you know, real lives. But get out of there before they close at 11, because holy CRAP the lines. And don't get there at 6, everyone will be in line for meatballs, just like you.
8) That being said, 5 hours is way too long to spend at Ikea. WAY TOO LONG.
9) Ikea delivers.....and they have a "one price we deliver all the crappe you want" option.

Things I've bought over the past two days:
  1. Three closets. Ikea. I discovered, to my joy, that I will have MORE hanging space in the new place than I do now. Thanks to approximately 4 meters of acquired Ikea closet space. PLUS shelving. Degsbo doors and shelves and drawers. HOURS of fun to put those together on the horizon.
  2. A sofa. Ikea. Ektorp, with a cute black and white toile floral print. (I wanted the sofa bed, but the non-sofa bed one was so much softer and squashier that my ass made the choice for me.)
  3. Two convertible ottomans/guest beds. Skeidar. These we found by mistake today, and they are so cool, and exactly what I wanted. They fold up small, but open out to twin beds. We can have guests!
  4. A NEW BED! Skeidar. Glory hallejulah and praise the Lord of your choice, we bought a new bed! It has this flippy option where one side can be firmer and one side softer. Because I always want softer and he wants firmer, and all this firm (because he won that argument 14 years ago and it's now lumpy and old) bedness is killing my back. So now I will have a softer bed and I am SO HAPPY. OH a new decadent to even consider.
  5. Two carpets, 50 candles, 6 pillows, a microwave, two little bookshelves, and some bathroom storagey things.
  6. Yet to buy...Rich's long desired flat screen tv. That's his baby....I'm stepping out of that one.
We haven't bought any furniture in about 5 years, so I guess it was about time to do it all in one swell foop.

Now I have to go pack some shit up.

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