Monday, January 26, 2009

25 things about me

This meme is making its way around Facespace, so I decided it made a good blog post as well. (OKok, I'm lazy. Whatever. Bite me. I'm still trying to get my hair out of its pins from Saturday night!)

1) I'm not afraid of heights. They just don't bug me.

2) I am afraid of: things with exoskeletons or more than 4 legs, monkeys, simians, apes, etc. (Monkeys are seriously evil.) I also don't like crowds.

3) Unlike many women, I don't generally crave chocolate and if I do, I just want one bite.

4) I'm 5'10". I don't know what that is in centimeters. My shoes usually hike me up an inch or two, to hover around 6 feet...I like that.

5) I don't wear stilettos. EVER. In fact, I don't understand women who do. Why would you subject your feet (and, sometimes, the feet of others) to that?

6) I'm still not sure about being 40. I don't think I like it.

7) The older I get, the easier I find it is to do things. Fear? No longer applies.

8) Modesty, shyness, self-consciousness and, maybe unfortunately, self censorship also have fallen by the wayside.

9) I curse like a fuckin' sailor.

10) I was very restless and angry for a few years, trying to work out what I believed in, who I thought I was, what did I want out of my life, what was expected of me., etc. I'm more mellow now. It'll all work itself out, I'll just enjoy the ride.

11) I believe that I am a very lucky person. A Buddhist monk told me I am one of "Buddha's chosen".

12) I've gone from being a big worrier to not worrying at all. It's very refreshing, not worrying.

13) I wear a 9 1/2 shoe. Not 10, not 9,... but 9 1/2. My feet are bony and skinny. (Wonder why that doesn't carry to the rest of me?)

14) I do not eat cooked fruit. At all. Not cobbler, pie, baked, in ice cream, boiled, anything. Fresh (slightly underripe) or not at all.

15) I am a WHORE for yeasty bread. Buttered yeast rolls, Norwegian boller, oh man I just CAN'T resist them.

16) I'm really damned nearsighted. Now I also seem to be getting farsighted. I am dreading using reading glasses.

17) I've been to London over 35 times in the past few years. I can now get around a large portion of it without a map and know it better than many natives. Someday I will live there, I promise.

18) It took me many years to like Norway, but I do now. Except the winters/early spring. And late fall. Summers are good.

19) I am the family black sheep liberal. They still love me, though.

20) My family on my Dad's side were involved in the founding of US Steel. They also had the largest mule dealership in the country in the 19th century and invented a car in the 19 teens. Mules obviously were not a long term transportation option. Neither was the car. My last name is not Ford, so there ya go.

21) My Mom's mom's family (she's German) were wealthy brewers in Eastern Germany who lost everything when the Iron Curtain came down. They finally got some reparations in the 90's.

22) My mom's dad's family were French German (Alsace) and were court musicians in the 17th and 18th centuries.

23) I can't handle hypocrites, religious or political zealots, and pretentious people. Pretentious people are just people with low self esteem who talk themselves up too much. The only way you convince me of your worth is by your actions, not your words.

24) I could eat Vietnamese food every day.

25) My favorite parts of me are my hands, eyes, waist and sense of humor.

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