Sunday, January 18, 2009

Poof the Magic Karla

Not much to report, really.

The hives seem to be fading, though my upper lip is swollen and puffy. It happened to me once that I broke out in hives, but it only affected my upper lip, so that it swelled to 4 times its normal size and I looked like Melanie Griffith. Not nice.

This time it's only mildly swollen, which honestly looks kind of nice. I have never had much of an upper lip so a small enhancement is a bonus. However, my lips are so chapped they are cracking, so my new upper lip just looks a bit sordid.

Last week was NOT a pretty week for me. One friend suggested I call in gross to work. I was thinking either that or call in ugly. Wonder if that is covered under my sick pay plan? Calling in ugly?

Went out to the pub Friday night and had a bit too much red wine. I was the only girl with all the usual boys, so the red wine kept comin' and Karla's no's turned to yesh's. I usually limit myself to 2 glasses there, as somehow booze from that pub causes much worse hangovers than drinks anywhere else. I let my guard down, though, and that wine just went down easy. It was an odd night, there are some strange characters who haunt that place, sometimes it's entertaining and other times it can be wierd or even scary. Friday was just strange.

It's been snowing for three days now, and though usually on snowy days I use it as an excuse to stay in read a book and be a slug, I have plans today so must motivate. Happy Birthday Elaina! Yes, I am braving the weather for you! See how much you mean to me?

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