Friday, January 09, 2009

I was much nicer today

I always protest vociferously (love that phrase by the way) upon return to Norway from a winter holiday. It's my thing. But I usually bounce back pretty quick. Too much effort to be mopey, you know?

Today I was almost on the verge of pleasant at work. This was helped, of course, by my being able to prank my boss bigtime. I love photoshop. Well, I love my co-worker's usage of photoshop with the pictures I provide her, as I don't actually need photoshop with my job. She and I however, come up with some damned good photoshopped pranks on coworkers. Today's picture was putting my boss's head on Robbie William's body. It worked a treat. (He told me he was going to a party this weekend where he had to dress up as a rock star.) We put it on his office door. He took it down pretty quick, as Robbie was pretty much shirtless and all, but we got him pretty good. We laugh a lot at my office, I must admit. Mostly because we are all just giant kids who also enjoy each other's company. I now have to find a victim whose face I can place on Hugh Jackman's amazingly beautiful naked torso.

I was also nicer at work today because it was tacos for lunch. The food at lunch can be pretty dismal, but once a week or so they have something I like, and the crispy beef tacos are on top of that list. Mostly because they put all sorts of sides out, like sour cream, salsa, lettuce, tomatoes, onions, and corn (I now accept corn as an ingredient in Mexican food, it was too hard to fight it so I gave in). I can make a big sloppy crispy taco salad. Everyone else likes it too, even David the Brit who hates everything at lunch. He went back for seconds! I think we all did.

There was a gorgeous sunset today. And tomorrow, that sunset will be two minutes later than it was today. By the end of the month we'll have almost 90 minutes more light!

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