Tuesday, January 13, 2009


Seriously, what fresh hell is this?

I am covered in hives from head to toe. I think my forehead is clear, but that is about the only place that is not covered in itchy red spots.

I got to go to the pharmacy AGAIN, for prescription antihistamines, after a visit to the doctor, who thinks it's a reaction to antibiotics I took a week ago. Whatever, I am a red itchy fiend. The pharmacist rather half-heartedly read out the instructions to me, she obviously was not that excited as this drug was not ass/crotch/mushroom/sex related. No loud voice, nothing like that, just a muttered, "Take up to three times a day as needed, may make you sleepy (yawn)".

Meantime I am standing there like an anxious monkey doing yoga, trying desperately to scratch all the itches on my body, most of them being in places like my chest, the back of my thigh and that little place you can never quite get in the very middle of your back.

My right arm stretching awkwardly to scratch my back, the right toe locked into the back of the knee scratching back there, and the left hand scratching the front of my right leg. In Yoga this is called "Monkey Pretend He Is Flamingo Pose". I call it, "Karla Wishes She Has 6 Hands Pose".

Heh, and guess what the doctor also said? "Take baths for relief". Huh. Yeah, I would do that except my bathtub is presently under about 50 yards of plastic and plaster as my apartment is shredded from the inside out. First time I ever had a medical reason to lounge in the tub, and I don't currently have one. There is irony here, somewhere. I can feel it.

Is 2009 over yet? So far I am not a fan!

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