Monday, December 29, 2008


Greetings from Ubud Bali. We are in the jungle at a resort near the town. I've never ever stayed in a place like this. Each tiny bungalow has it's own pool! Seriously! You go out back and there is a black stone bathtub all filled with frangipani flowers and water and then past that is a perfect little pool about 16 feet long, blue and inviting. I feel like a princess. A princess who can swim in the buff!

We spent yesterday shopping in Ubud. It's pretty much been turned over to tourists and shopping, one long shopping street ending in a market selling traditional wares at semi-bargain prices. I went a bit nuts on textiles so got an ikat and some handwoven silk batik and some beaded baskets and some cotton batik and and and...dragon sandals. (yes be jealous!)

We head back to Bangkok today which means I have to remove myself from this white netted four poster heaven of a bed and go down to the public (sigh) pool where we have requested our breakfast be served. It is a hard life I lead!

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