Sunday, December 07, 2008

Some pictures from my trip to Bergen

Just some random views from my trip to Bergen last weekend. There's lots more on my flickr. Just a little something for me to keep my mind off all the other crap I have to do, what better way to procrastinate than to mess with pictures?

My hotel room in Bergen. I really liked the purple and brown together, who knew that could be such a good combination?

The Lepers' Museum in Bergen.

A collection of rooftops of the Leper Museum and surrounding houses. I was on my way to the train station at about 9:30 am. Not very good light yet!

A small back street off Kong Oscar's Gate in Bergen. Bergen feels very medieval and quaint and European compared to industrial Oslo.

This is not in Bergen. It's outside Oslo, but it was a gorgeous Fall day and I was testing my new camera.

People skiing in Finse. I was on the train from Bergen to Oslo and snapped this shot. (I did crop it a bit, the house was about a half a kilometer off the tracks.)

The train stopped briefly in Finse, and this lady just hopped off the train, put on her skis and skied away. More people skied to the train and traveled on to Oslo! It was pretty cool.

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