Thursday, December 11, 2008

I'm STRESSED! I'm COLD! I'm overwhelmed! And these damned tights ITCH like a BASTARD.

So, here are pictures. Pictures of places I have been and that I will be visiting again next week. Warm places. Places without ice and snow. Where i don't need sleeves. Also a picture of drinks I will be ingesting. And some penises. Calgon take me away!

Me sitting awkwardly at Ta Prohm, one of the many temples and sites at Angkor, Cambodia. You cannot believe the scale of the place until you are in it. Yes those are tree roots.

Mmmmm....Mai Thais!
Railay beach at Krabi!
A penis shrine right off Railay Beach, it's a sacred spot for fertility. Me? Just happy to see big penises everywhere. It was damaged by the tsunami, apparently all the penises used to be more, er, upright.
Me, chillin', on a boat near Mae Hong Son. Yo, wassup, beyotch? Yeah my titties be escapin' my shirt, so what? I'm on VACATION!

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