Friday, December 05, 2008

If not from bad to worse, then certainly from suck to suck


Was awakened very early this morning by what sounded like jackhammers directly outside our (5th floor) flat.

Got up to investigate, only to see scaffolding, with men in work clothes on it, using small versions of jackhammers directly outside the laundry room/kitchen/spare bedroom area of the flat. Digging into the bricks of the building right outside my windows. The floors are rattling, the noise is an appalling mixture of screeching, vibratey-pounding metal on metal and bricks breaking, and it feels like they are taking the building apart while I am in it. This is not fun. I don't like it. And I hate the thought of them being INSIDE our flat while we are gone, with everything we own, using jackhammers and soldering and welding and God knows what else. And why the FUCK do they have to start so early? They start before 8! For fuck's sake it's not even light outside yet.

My chiro when he adjusted me this morning (yeay escape from the noise!) told me not to go to work because he didn't want me sitting all day. He told me to keep moving, keep busy. I told him about the flat and packing up and stuff, and he said that sounded perfect and to do that so that I vary my movements and not to go to work. So now I am stuck in jackhammer land, packing shit up and being mildly freaked that the wall is going to fall down with my closet going with it. (They are right outside my closet. Where my favorite clothes are. I don't want my clothes hurt. Or, gasp, my shoes or bags. Which are also in that closet.)

And then I got news that the house in Austin, my little heart that I left in Austin, has a gas leak in the furnace. and they are going to fix it, but once again it's another big repair on a lease that so far, since it started in July, has had us in the negatives for the whole run of the lease. It's starting to stress me out. One repair or fee after another, and a substantial property tax hike (hello? Economy in toilet and you RAISE the value of my house? Bastards....what world are you living in?). I really want to have that house to come home to but right now it's pretty much a money pit, after I spent a lot of money two years ago to get her all fixed and happy.

And two friends yesterday within half an hour of each other got bad news, and I am worried about what the "three" is gonna be.

Unless all the above stuff is the three.

God what the hell is this new noise? Did they pull a girder out like a spaghetti? Holy crap y'all I am going to die in this fifth floor flat. Die or go deaf. It's like nails on a blackboard but MUCH LOUDER.

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