Sunday, December 14, 2008

giving my self permission

Well, it's all just too overwhelming. There's too much to think and worry about. The husband is equally as worried and stressed as me so we are breaking out into little bitch sessions every so often as he lays his stress on me and I try to deflect it. This doesn't work. We both end up mad. I really just want someone to lean on and he is just not up for it. He wants to lean on me!

I think I am packed for Thailand. I know I am not prepared for the Great Apartment Destruction. But honestly, how do you go through everything you own and deem what is worthy to protect and what you leave to possible dust/theft/fire/etc? How do people facing hurricanes, etc., do it? Gah!

I've packed away what first came to mind to pack away and subsequent stuff that I found as I went along. As for getting the other apartment set up for our return, I've put some stuff over there that might do for a few days upon our return, but this is where I gave my self permission to just stop worrying. I'll just come back to our own house and get what I need when we get back. I just can't think about what I will want to wear/eat/do/etc in over three weeks from now.

That apartment is very austere, a bit of a winter version of a beach condo, so I've just layered that damn place with all our rugs and ethnicy things to brighten it up. Now it looks as if an owner of a shop in a souk in Marrakesh has temporarily moved operations to a small flat in Norway and some of his boxes exploded. Well, at least it has a bit more color and character!

Honestly it might have been easier to just have people come in and move everything out and store it. this constant thinking and detail managing is just too much.

And now, picture of the day: fishermen along the Mekong River in Laos.

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