Tuesday, December 09, 2008

I really don't have anything upbeat to report

I usually try to blog when I have something goofy to report or something funny to say.

This past couple of weeks, not much silliness to report. Mostly stress (as has been reported previously) and trying to stay awake in the dark days leading up to winter solstice, on December 22. (For which we will be gone.)

We checked out the temporary apartment that we will stay in while they tear up our apartment. It's not a terrible apartment? But it's not home. It smelled funny and had approximately 3 square feet of closet space and NO BATH TUB. The lighting is not good (I'm a light snob) and the kitchen implements leave much to be desired. To live there for upwards of 4 weeks, we will need to bring a lot of stuff over to homify it. Carpets, kitchen stuff, lamps, and where the HELL am I going to put clothes? And it smelled funky....not like home, but of other people, who smoked inside.

So we are going to make many trips back and forth (over ice as it's snowed, melted a bit and frozen) to lug stuff over and get prepared. Envy me? Me neither.

Tonight I WILL pack for Thailand, to get that out of the way. I won't bring much, though. Gonna travel light. Mostly need just bikinis and t shirts, anyhow. No sweaters going into my suitcase. What a treat.

Spaking of treat...mmmmm...white wine and risotto. Risotto is low fat and so fits quite well with Weight Watchers, as does the shrimp I will make with it.

And now for random picture of the day (to be done for the rest of the week as I am obviously not doing so well with the words): Khao San Road in Bangkok at night.

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