Saturday, October 04, 2008

Today in pictures (with a bit of last night, which was actually today, as it was after midnight because we PARTIED!)

Post Davestin, the party continued.

Jaye gettin' down with a bad ass burger at the Jackelope last night. I would have given her my virginity for a bite of that burger, except that ship sailed long ago. And the fact that I don't do girls. Neither does she. Which sort of ruined my virginity offer.

Dave stunned at Mag's assets. Um, brains, I meant brains.

Karla May hiding under my hair. Either that or I grew another tiny head. Please note my new glasses. And my new head.

I just HAD to do it. The place was filled with velvet paintings of pneumatic pulchritude. It begged for tweaking.

After way too little sleep, a nap and a facial and brow wax today, these boots came into my life. The picture doesn't really capture the gorgeous pointy box toe, "roach killer" style. The toes and heels are lizard.

One of my favorite bars EVER. I've got the logo t shirt and panties to prove it.

Mean Eyed Cat interior. It's dedicated to Johnny Cash.

Back to the hotel room. Drunk me wondered why the asswipe was tied with a pretty ribbon. Is it a gift?

I woke up to this gorgeous sight in the other bed in my room. Apparently Karla May got so attached to my hair she came home with it. Also, apparently, we both snore.

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