Friday, October 17, 2008

booga booga booga

I'm stressed! I'm stressed! I'm stressed! I'm gonna start making crazy booga booga noises soon, like insane people in old movies do.

I have so much on my mind right now that I have heartburn all the time and I can't.!

Skip the following paragraph. It's bad for your health.

I'm stressed about work and the craziness that will be next week and will I get it all done and not forget anything as I'm supposed to be this great organizer but I feel totally like I am missing something and I am stressed about the work that has to be done on this flat that I am dreading worse than visiting the gyno which is saying alot and I can't stop thinking about all the fucking details that we will have to work out before someone comes in and tears up my HOME and I am stressed because my tits are killing me because I started a new bcp which I actually like because I've lost 5 pounds from it and it's stopped Aunt Flo cold which is awesome but I really don't want my boobs to get any bigger than they already are or I might just fall over and never be able to walk upright again and my damned boobs grow everytime I try to take bcp and this is the third time now in the past 4 years and that is three cups sizes that never go away and I never wanted big boobs ever and I am stressed about winter coming and having to wear socks and tights and boots all the time and I am stressed about having to change over my wardrobe from summer to winter which just makes me worry about the work they are going to do on the flat again and will they RUIN ALL MY CLOTHES but they won't fit my anyhow because of my huge new boobs and what the hell will I wear for 6-8 weeks while we aren't living here and how do you pack for that long and I hate it hate it hate it hate it because Rich is also stressing which makes me stress because he always wants to talk about HIS stress just as I am falling asleep which wakes me up again and why does he DO that it drives me NUTS even though I want to be there for him but why can't he talk to me after work like NORMAL people and so I am also kind of tired because of the stress and the heartburn and the sore boobs and the apartment that farts and the fucking construction workers who are replacing the roof of the building next door who started throwing the old tiles 4 stories to the ground at seven thirty fucking AM this morning and it sounded like sonic booms and so now I hate them and then the elevator was broken this morning from the people who are doing the work on the flats in my building and if they break the elevator their first day of doing this work then what the hell are they going to do to my apartment I mean they can't even not break the elevator and I am supposed to trust these people with all my worldly possessions I don't THINK so and then don't even get me started on the US election because if McCain wins I will barf for days and that's just bad all over and of course the economy is in the toilet though it's not affecting Norway too badly but you never know what will happen and maybe I'll just go and take me and my sore growth oriented boobs and try to have a nap because maybe sleep will make me not stress but I can't sleep and and and.....dammit.

If you made it through that non-sentence than you must really be bored. I do feel a bit better though. Thanks for being there. (Or not. whatever you want.)

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