Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Afartment. Flatulent Flat.

Our apartment farts.

For realz.

The heating is provided by hot water that goes under the floor and there is something strange going on with the water pump or something, as every 15 minutes or so our flat goes Frrp FRRp FFFRRRPPP. It sounds exactly like a fart, and, as I told Rich, it is obviously the right place for him to live as it also sounds JUST LIKE HIM, though, luckily, Rich does not fart quite as much or as loud. (I would have sent him to a doctor by now if that were the case.)

The sound comes from the laundry room, I would hazard a guess that the floor heating valves are in there. It's LOUD. Luckily these farts don't stink, or we'd have a BIG problem.

Frrrppp.....Frrp....FRRRPPPPPPPP. There it goes again.

In other news, yes we are soooooo fucked with this bloody work they have to do on our flat and we are in negotiations about it now. The rest of the people in the building are finally realizing what a pain in the ass this is, and are getting up in arms. We are going to do a collective agreement as to what we want for reparations and when the work is to be done. My Norwegian is getting much better just by the hard concentration I am doing with all the legalese. In the US you'd totally have a class action law suit. Here? Just some annoyed people having a collective meeting about what we want to demand in damages. We'll see which works better.

I wonder if their apartments fart?

I am balls to the walls busy at work so will try to post as I can. Next week, don't count on much....will be my busiest week of work ever in this job.

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