Tuesday, July 22, 2008

random rose' blog

Dammit I gotta figure out how to get that little accent over the 'e in rose', because I ain't talkin' about the flower, I am talkin' about the wine.

Random wine induced blog post.
  • Hi!
  • I had some wine!
  • Cuz it was a long day and I deserve it!
  • And it's WARM outside!
  • Which makes me want a nice, cool fresh and fruity wine!
  • Like Rose!
  • Ok, enough exclamation marks.
  • I ate some of my favorite, evil, guilty pleasure snack: Krispy Cheez Kruncherz.
  • They are like a low rent Cheeto.
  • In fact, I created a slogan for them: Smell Like Ass, Taste GREEAT!
  • Because, they smell like ass and taste great.
  • AND they don't turn your fingers orange like cheetos.
  • They do make you fart, though, and you feel vaguely sick after eating them.
  • In other words, they are the perfect unhealthy snack.
  • Of course, the husband has to point out the unhealthiness of them every time I eat them.
  • Because anything *I* do is guaranteed to be worse than anything *he* does.
  • Even though I eat them in a little tiny bowl, as I practice Kruncherz Portion Control.
  • While he points out the unhealthiness of my once-in-a-while snack, he is busy shoving his face into a WHOLE BAG of Doritos and swilling beer by the pint.
  • Which makes his criticism of my guilty pleasure just a leeeetle bit less effective.
  • The weather people are saying that this week will finally bring back summer.
  • I have my swimming suits washed and ready.
  • Friday I am going to the lake and will have a swim and a lazy time lying in the sun.
  • I am paranoid that my hard earned tan will go away.
  • Gotta keep my tans lines in place.
  • In other news, I've started working out again.
  • I've been doing the elliptical thingy and rowing.
  • I like rowing.
  • I think I am a natural.
  • Of course, a rowing machine if very different from rowing in water.
  • Rowing in water, I tend to have steering problems.
  • I sort of run into the bank and other people.
  • But machine rowing?
  • I rule.
  • My arms and shoulders hurt, though.
  • Rowing to Nine Inch Nails makes you row faster.
  • Ow.
  • I dare you to row to "Closer" and see how you do.
  • You'll row the shit out of that machine.
  • Just make sure you don't sing it out loud.
  • The lyrics are *not* decent for others to hear.
  • At least, not sung out loud by me in a gym.
  • Mom, don't read that link.

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