Friday, July 11, 2008

....and you think you are having a bad week?

Imagine you are a cow, just a nice, normal cow, doing your cow thing, out in the cow field eating your cow grass and hanging with your other cow friends.

Then all of a sudden......Someone comes along, straps a pink inflatable barrel thingy to your back, shoves a hose up your ass, and forces you to carry your own farts around in a tank on your back, all in the name of scientific study.

And then, as if that is not bad enough, TAKES A PICTURE OF YOU.

I would think you might be a bit incensed.

Well, here 's the article with the picture. Seriously, the picture needs a caption.

What would you caption it? We have it up in the office with a bubble that says 'Kill me!'

Poor cow.

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