Saturday, July 26, 2008

high spirits

Today is a gorgeous day, all week has been gorgeous, and my spirits are up and away. Nothing like some good music on the iPod (run through the Dali speakers and sounding oh so good) and sun and warmth to lift me up.

Some things making me happy:

1) I bought the perfect pair of skinny black pants today.* I mean, rock star skinny, top to bottom, legs so tight you have to turn them inside out to get them off, just that little bit too long so that they look cool. Skinny pants are almost impossible to find when you, yourself, are not skinny. These have the awesome quality of hugging where I want whilst also, somehow, blessedly, being comfortable, and not so low cut that my ass gets to come out and say hello as I walk around. And, holy of holies, they sit nicely so there is no muffin top! I might go back and buy a second pair, exact same color and size, because I anticipate wearing the ever loving SHIT out of them and will need a back up pair. I thought pants like these were an Urban Myth. Very happy to see they are reality! *H&M girls, H&M.

2) Yesterday's beach excursion has now made my tan the perfect shade of Not Too Yellow. I'm almost...golden! Tanned thighs look so much better than non tanned ones, it's just a fact.

3) Decided, also, that I am not afraid of turning 40. I mean, let's face it, the kid thing is probably a no go from here on out, so just accept that. Ok, cool, so freedom from that and the sometimes crushing guilt it carried with it. (I'll leave the kids up to my brother, he's getting married and Mom can go bother him.) So, not having kids means I can become one of those fabulous free spirits who dresses creatively and travels to exotic locations and has stories to tell and big jewelry to wear and flits about saying things like, "Remember that sweet little riad in Morocco?" That seems pretty cool, to be that way. I can do that, I think. Plus, I've got nieces, nephews and godkids aplenty, so I can be drive-by maternal when the urge hits.

The other thing about turning 40 is, I am not 20 anymore and holy crap, am I glad of that. Being 40 means, you know what you want, how to get it, and, most importantly, what to do with it once you've got it. (grin) Seriously, that's the kicker...knowing what to do in a situation, or at least having enough experience to draw on to come out the other end satisfactorily. God I wish I had the balls I have now when I was 20. It's nice to let the fear go and not give a flying fuck what other people think. I can be myself now, and hey, it seems that me being me is actually ok!

Being 40 is going to rock. (As long as the Olay holds out.)

4) I think, maybe, possibly, the exercising is working? I feel good, the tummy seems to be slowly but surely minimizing back to its original position of semi-concave. I've given up trying to have a small butt, and have embraced the curves, but some curves are a bit extra to requirements. That rowing is working!

5) I have a housewarming party to go to tonight, in a house that is 300 years old. That is SO cool. I can't WAIT to see this place. These old Norwegian houses can be so cute and koselig. What does one wear to a 300 year old housewarming party?

6) Please remind me of this upbeat post sometime in November when it is dark, rainy and I am feeling like the leftover scummy stuff on a toilet brush.

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