Wednesday, July 09, 2008


I'm peeling. At least, on my legs so far and no where else. I'm peeling like a big snake. DAMN. I really worked hard to moisturize and use exfoliants to keep the tan intact and not let it peel away.


Went for a walk today, and, as usual, was blown away by the beauty of the day. Except, of course, for the snakes.

See, today a co-worker of mine told me that there is a snake problem lately in a few areas around here. There are small adders, poisonous, though, Rich tells me, not extremely so. But still. Adders? Where I walk? I thought Norway had no poisonous snakes. (Are they black?)

So here was me on my walk today:

(Dee dee de dee, whistle whistle, joy joy)

(spy snake looking thing on ground)

SNAKE!!!! SNAKE!!! AAiiiyyeeee!!!!!!!!!! (jump 12 feet)



(look closer...very carefully)


Stick. (Ahem.) Oops.

(Dee dee de dee, whistle whistle, joy joy)

Repeat at will.

Amazing how fast you can move when you think you might step on a snake.

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