Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Dr Horrible is SO not

After many attempts yesterday to watch Dr Horrible I finally gave up and went to bed.


Got up this morning and found out why it was so hard to watch it.

Mostly, short version, because everyone else in the whole United States was trying to watch it at the same time as me.


However, as 8am here is, like, 1am in Texas, I thought I might have a chance to see it today while the USofA slept. As always, I was right. I got it on my first try. Then rewatched it. then downloaded it to my iTunes for watching on the train.  And was a bit late for work. Where I then made everyone watch it as well. (Some got it and some didn't. Well, at least now I know who to hang with for lunch.)


And it was HILARIOUS. I've been practicing my BWAHhahahaha evil laugh all day. People at work are getting kind of annoyed. Apparently evil laughter does not mesh well with the work place. Something about Norway being a country for good or some such bullshit. Hmm, you can evil laugh all you want in the US! Evil laughter is not frowned upon in Texas!


I am totally going to join the Evil League of Evil. Hell, I AM the Evil League of Evil. I was evil before Dr. Horrible was even invented! I even have a sidekick. He doesn't KNOW he's my sidekick, yet, I am having recruitment issues, but the evil plan will prevail.


Another bonus of the Dr Horrible video? Nathan Fillion. Rhymes with Million and that's how freaking hot he million watts of beefcakey hotness. He can Hammer me anytime.

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