Sunday, April 29, 2007

Whizzing through London

Bullet point post.....

  • My bladder is really small.
  • So is Julia's.
  • Mine's smaller though.
  • I've pissed in every starbucks in London.
  • Hint: Starbucks are good places to stop for a pee.
  • Second hint: Way better than McDonald's. my old standby.
  • STarbucks smells better
  • I sepnt two bucks on pissing today, I had to go to some pay toilets.
  • My feet hurt
  • We've walked alot.
  • I really should wear more sensible hsoes.
  • Though I thought my sandals WERE sensible
  • How did gladiators fight battles in gladiator sandals when my feet hurt so bad from merely walking in them?
  • Damn Romans.
  • We did the Jack to Ripper walking tour today.
  • It was good, except i had to pee like, the whole time.
  • And there were no Starbucks or open anythings, so I had to hold it.
  • Oy.
  • Today we walked from Green park through St James and then up to Buckingham Palace.
  • Julia wanted to hang out with the Queen.
  • So did about one million other people.
  • We didn't get to hang with her.
  • Though she almost ran me over once, about two years ago.
  • Bitch.
  • Just kidding.
  • Then we walked to Westminster Abbey and around the Houses of Parliament.
  • Then we caught the Tube at Embankment and over to Spitalfields.
  • I had to pee twice.
  • I bought an antique nightgown which I will use as a slip.
  • After the Jack the Ripper tour tonight, as we got off the Tube at Mansion house station, that guy that sang to me last time was there and he sang again.
  • He has a good voice.
  • I'm glad Julia saw that.
  • We've had fun.
  • Didn't drink all that much this trip.
  • Last time we were here together was in 1987.
  • That was 20 years ago.
  • So we'll maybe do it again in 2027.
  • We'll be 60.
  • Ugh.
  • Julia's really tired.
  • She will have flown halfway around the world by the time she gets home.
  • What a stud.
  • Though most of it was business class, so I am not crying for her too much.
  • She has to catch a cab at 5am tomorrow.
  • I will go back to bed.
  • Back home for me tomorrow.
  • I want a hot bath.

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