Saturday, April 07, 2007

back from insanity

We got back from Istanbul yesterday. Sorry I never posted. There was a computer at the hotel but it was in constant use and I never got a chance to get on it. Plus, we were so busy I never really had time to use it, even if I did manage to find it available.

It's Easter week in Norway and the country empties out; everyone travels, whether to the mountains for that last bit of skiing or too somewhere sunny for a holiday. (Ironically, in our case, it was pretty much always warmer here than in Turkey. I froze my ass off for two days when we first got there!) However, I do believe that everyone who did not leave the country was just at the grocery store with me, and I waited in line behind every one of them to get my groceries. Stores were closed yesterday and will be closed tomorrow and Monday as well. This apparently creates panicked runs to the stores to make sure everyone has supplies to last them two whole days. Someone might die of starvation!

I gotta go unpack the groceries and put in some more laundry. More later, but seriously, is anyone even online this weekend anyhow?

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