Friday, April 20, 2007

Istanbul people

A random sampling of pictures I took of people. In Istanbul. Jeez, as if the title doesn't already explain?

A headless guy. For a guy with no head, he was really good at not falling over or running into other people.
I like the sign at this kebab shop that says "Sorry We're Open". Not that it encouraged me to eat there or anything. There's humor and then there is botulism, you know?

A bunch of women in the black robes. They would take pictures of each other, and all that showed from the robe was a sliver of eye. I was like, "Well, how do you tell who is who?"

Rich at Ceferaga Mederse. Good tea and sweets. Nice place. Ancient, built by Sinan. If you've ever been to Istanbul, that name will quickly become very recognizable.

Some guys standing around talking. Turks are very laid back and sociable. Nothing is as important as the chat and the tea.

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