Wednesday, April 18, 2007


I'm drunk. Not that that applies to this post in any way shape or form. Just thought you should know.

And I did my Norwegian taxes today. It took all of five minutes. I went to the tax office and handed them my tax forms. (Here in Norway, you get a tax form that is already filled out for you. It's not like in the US, where you have to bugger about and find all your financial shit and fill it in yourself. Here, they have it all and they "pre do" your taxes for you, then send them to you in the mail. You can then add anything you need to if they've got it wrong or whatever. Vere sensible, in my book.) So I took a number to wait in the queue, waited around for about 6 minutes, then after they called my number, I handed her the form and gave her the sheepish "help I am an expat and can't speak Norwegian Tax language" look.

She laughed and said, 'Do you agree with this form?"

I said "Um, is that number there how much I will get back?"

She said "Yes, though you will also get some interest on that as well".

I said, "Well then, yes, I agree".

She said "Sign here".

I signed.

She said thanks, dropped my tax form into the bin, and the next person was called.

I was all, Dude that is SO much better than in the US.

She laughed.

Taxes done.


I celebrate everything with beer.

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