Tuesday, April 24, 2007

after school snacks

I've been making a big effort to wean myself off the floury stuff (yesterday's gorging on boller not withstanding, yes I'm weak so bite me ok?) I've been trying to come up with creative things to eat that also pack a nutritional punch. Hard boiled eggs are working well, as they are very filling and do alot for the relatively low calories. These whole wheat high fibre "extreme breads" they have here also work out ok. Carrots, strawberries, yoghurt, I'm trying it all. Must overcome the carb cravings.

The other problem I face, besides the urge for bread, is that after work I like something a little crunchy. A little crispy. A little fattening in the extreme. A little after school snack, if you will. Cheezy Poofs anyone? I need a replacement for Cheesy Poofs.

Today I might have found the thing. The thing that could replace my urge to crunch chips, Krizpy Cheez Kruncherz (logo in our house, "Smells like ass but taste better n' Cheetos!"), chaw popcorn and scarf peanuts.

Pomegranate seeds! Ever eaten the inside of a pomegranate? I'd had them as garnish on a variety of Middle Eastern foods before, but had never opened one and really eaten it as a food by itself (even though we actually ahve a pomegranate tree in our backyard in Austin.) Well, I'll tell you, they are a bugger to get open, they make a mess, and I discovered the only proper way to get out the seeds is to literally rip open the outer shell so that all the little bits inside sort of explode out. You then sort of shear them out with your fingers, unlike, say, a cob of corn where a knife works best. I made a huge mess, which I hope I cleaned up to Anal Boy's satisfaction. (Oops, he just came in and obviously, judging by the disgusted sighs and sponge swiping, I did not meet his standards.)

But...once you get the innards out, you are left with these amazing, sweet, bright red miniature Explod-O-Pops that just go "Ping!" in your mouth when you eat them. It's like if cherry Kool Aid and popcorn got their freak on and had babies. It's the best world of candy and crunch and juicy yummy fruitiness all rolled into one, as I understand, astoundingly antioxidant and healthy snack food!

I totally wonder how these would taste on toasted boller.

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