Tuesday, March 13, 2007

What IS it?

Ok, so there's this thing in the sky? And it's big, and glowy, but I can't look at it directly as it seems to be very bright and shiny. And it casts this freaky sort of warmth over everything, so that people and birds and dogs and everything that moves just wants to stand still in it or lie in it and feel it warm them.

It has totally taken over my office, to the point that while I love it? I can't actually see anything in my office as it's too bright and I am getting really hot, feeling a bit like I am a little cake in an office sized Easy Bake Oven. So I had to close the blinds and the bright thing sort of went away, though it kept trying to get in the cracks. I wasn't scared though. It seemed nice, even if it was a bit intrusive.

On the train ride home, I had to put on these strange looking dark glasses that shielded my eyes from the bright orb in the sky. It seemed to help me see better, yet still be warmed by the heat coming from it. I turned my face to it, gleaming through the window, so I could bask in it all the way home. Bliss.

I really feel like I have experienced this thing before, this glowing, glorious light, but for the life of me it's been so long I really could not tell you what it is or anything. Just that I like it. Lots.

I just hope it comes back really soon. Maybe tomorrow morning?

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