Saturday, March 10, 2007


You know how there is something you have to do but really don't want to do and you put it off and you put it off until it gets sort of insane and then you dream about it and it presses on you and yet you still don't do it because you just.can' But it's always THERE, right there, looking at you and you really just want it to go away but you know you are really the only one who can make it go (even if there are extenuating circumstances that hampered things, but then those were cleared up and so now it really is just you)?

And then you finally get the cojones to do it...and it wasn't even anything problematic at all, and it took such a short time you could just kick yourself because honestly, Karla, what the hell was all that fuss about? And it might have even been just the tiniest bit...interesting?

I just did something that has been hanging over me for TWO YEARS and now I'm all, dude, what the hell, that was not bad at ALL.

I feel like I just did that term paper I was dreading or something.


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