Wednesday, March 14, 2007

not before the coffee, thanks

On my way to the trains every morning I pass a little video store. Lately they have had a cardboard cut out of Borat in his "mankini" standing outside the shop, advertising the Borat movie, which has now gotten to Norway on DVD.


I don't know about you, but for me it's awful damned early to be looking at THAT without a very large coffee first. And as I have not yet had my coffee when on the way to the train, and am hungry and susceptible to suggestion before said coffee, now, every morning, I am having cravings for margaritas. Big green margaritas with lots of crushed limes. Obviously this is a result of being assaulted by the man's lime green package every damned morning, being hungry, and my brain seeing the lime color and sublimating that into lime juice mixed with tequila. And Cointreau.

(Insert Freudian blather about crushing limes and man juice and the subconscious and all that crap. Yeah yeah I know. That above paragraph ALONE is worth a few hours with Freudian shrink I am sure.)

This morning I ALMOST turned the damned Borat cut out around because I just could not face another morning of his oddly exaggerated green crotch. But I didn't, I just walked right by it, yet another train wreck of a morning with lumpy limes bouncing around in my caffeine starved head.

God help me.

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