Thursday, March 15, 2007

posting without plan, grammar or talent

I have nothing to say. I think this merits bullets. Read at own peril. Pronouns optional.
  • Bored.
  • Watched "Wet Hot American Summer"tonight. Ever seen it? That's one frigging funny movie. It's the perfect movie for the 13 year old me, except the 13 year old me would not have gotten half the jokes, so it's better for the much-older-than-13 year old me.
  • Have been drinking a nice French pinot noir. From the Bourgogne region.
  • Sauteed some chicken breasts and had those with black beans.
  • Farting will commence anon.
  • I really should pack for my trip to London but am instead avoiding everything by noodling about on the web.
  • Bad me, bad.
  • Will procrastinate further by taking a nice hot bubble bath. How decadent is a hot bath with a glass of wine? Woo!
  • The bubbles will be made a bit more fragrant with black bean farts.
  • Just kidding. Girls don't fart.
  • Ever.
  • We just explode.
  • *Poof.*
  • I really think I am funny here.
  • You probably don't agree.
  • Posts like this are probably why my hit counts have gone down of late.
  • I don't really care.
  • I might just change this post to '100 things about me".
  • But I think I am too lazy to do 100 of these bullet points.
  • This wine is good.
  • And I have a whole bottle of it.
  • Ok, I lie, half a bottle now.
  • Yes I am a cheap date.
  • And a happy drunk.
  • I had to look at Borat's crotch again this AM.
  • Didn't crave limes.
  • Craved a lighter so I could burn the cardboard thing down. I am not anti-Borat, I am anti mankini before 9am.
  • Have lost ability to write sentences. Can only do phrases.
  • This is a bad thing for someone who must write at work.
  • Told naughty stories at lunch at work today.
  • Everyone at work thinks I am a freak.
  • Except the Canadian girl I hang with, but she's a freak too.
  • I like her.
  • She's funny.
  • She says "eh" and "aboot" just like you'd expect from a Canadian.
  • I can't stop these bullet points.
  • It's addictive.
  • Help me!
  • I think I will use the patchouli romance hippy granola bubble bath when I take my bath.
  • Which I will go do now.
  • Don't picture me naked.
  • I bathe in shorts.
  • Not.

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