Thursday, November 12, 2009

so good to be here!

My flight landed early yesterday, and after some stupid crap from immigrations (they always ask WHY I live out of the country, as if I am being unpatriotic or unAmerican or something), and the customs guy making me list everything I brought in (Moulton and Brown shower gels, Christmas decorations from holland and a GUN TO SHOOT HIM WITH**) I made it out into the pick up area, where my brother waited for me. Big brother hugs are the BEST. He drove me to his house in his very fast and racy Mustang. Cops probably give him tickets when he is parked, just because they know that he will go very fast at some point very soon.  I could hear the gas getting sucked through the engine. Such an American sensation, getting forced back into your seat from sudden engine acceleration and brute noise!

God does the air here feel good or what? It's so SOFT and carressing. The Norwegian air pokes and bites and tries to get into your uncovered parts to nip you. Any skin you show in winter will get needled. Here? Just a warm soft southern hug. I know it sounds strange to describe AIR as soft, but it is! It's soft! Oh lovely.

And so warm but not too warm, it's just right. You could have a jacket or not, it's up to you. You don't have to wear socks or boots or even leggings. But you could if you wanted to, you know, for fashion. Oh I am so happy to be home in Texas. I'm wearing sandals today. Because I CAN.

I crashed at 8:30 last night, and slept until 8:30 this morning. I slept HARD.

Today is outlet shopping with my sister in law. And tonight she is taking me to a wine tasting. Cuz she is a wine steward.

Life? Not sucking right now.

Tomorrow, AUSTIN.

**(Note to self, need to write Obama to tell him to fix the awful airport situation while he's off fixing everything else Bush messed up.)

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