Wednesday, November 25, 2009

reality smacks me in the face

After my evening at the Mean Eyed Cat, I drove back to the hotel (last night in the Lovely Bed) and seemed to be surrounded by blues music. Everywhere I went, it streamed out from bars, cars, shops, and my car radio. It was awesome. I do love blues music, though I don't own any cd's of it or anything. For me, it's a serendipitous music, you have to happen upon it preferably in a dive bar with other folks around. It doesn't have the same magic for me if I just play it on a stereo. So that last few moments, driving on my last night in Austin, surrounded by blues....precious.

Damn. I hate to leave.

Oh Lord it was hard to leave Austin. I had the most PERFECT time there. I was flying. So, of course, on the last day, I hit the reality runway hard, no wheels down and belly scraping the concrete.

Morning came and I got some bad news from work (nothing too major, just upsetting for me), and I felt the very inkling of a cold coming on, and I had to pack up the car and leave, and I had to go to the bank and meet the insurance guy. Oh shit. Life. I treated myself to a last breakfast tacos plate at Red River Cafe (yes, Lee, I said RED RIVER) and then followed Airport Rd (hitting EVERY GODDAMNED RED LIGHT EVER MADE) out to Highway 71 and thence through La Grange to Houston. I snuffled sad little tears, driving in my little convertible with a tissue shoved under my sunglasses every few seconds. I looked a right idiot.

Houston. Place of my birth. It's so big and harsh, the roads so wide and concrete-y. The shopping and food are quite excellent, however, and some of the older neighborhoods have the Southern charm one would hope for in a town that is almost on the same level as New Orleans. I had a wonderful meet up last night with my high school friends Anne and Forreste. It's like going back to being 17 again except with better jewelry and more ass. (Well, not more ass for Forreste or Anne, but definitely for me.) We had a great time. Funny how the people you meet when you are young remain basically who you met, even with the change of life's experiences. Ladies, here's to you!

Tonight I do the 12 hour drive to my parent's house with my brother and sister in law. It's gonna be a long night. (Oh and I do, definitely, have a cold. Shit.)

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