Sunday, November 08, 2009

long week away

Sorry for my absence of late. I really thought I'd be able to post at some point, but had to rely on use of cell phone photo uploads only.

I went to a project management course, an intensive one, for people in my company. Experience ranged from absolutely no clue to many years of experience. Me, I'm in the early part of that scale. Not clueless, but not all that experienced either.

Anyhow, long story short: it was exhausting. The teacher was Tigger...bouncy bouncy bouncy bouncy fun fun fun fun fun....and it got annoying. I mean, wow, he had a big job, keeping us entertained for a week, while we were deprived of sleep, put through an intensive 'project simulation' where NONE of us had a fucking CLUE what was going on (and of which I was 'voted' (forced) to be leader of our team) and trying to learn a lifetime's worth of project management techniques.
But I got tired of him taking my much loved sleep from me, and being in complete control of my schedule, even down to when I ate. And then I had to lead a team, which was not easy, not easy at all, especially with some strong personalities on it. (Leading people is the hardest part of any management job.) Did I do a good job? I don't think I did, to be honest.

I never saw Aberdeen. Not even a bit. I was in class at 8am and working until after midnight. All I wanted was bed. You could have had Jeffrey Dean Morgan, Hugh Jackman and Jeff Goldblum in my room, oiled up, naked and panting for me, and I would have wanly waved at them before flopping into bed and passing out.**Really. (Though if they wanted to have their way with me while I slept, that could be negotiated. I'm sure something would get through into my dreams, right?)

The internet didn't work....well, it was supposed to, but it was crap, so I was completely shut off from my world and the workings of it for a week. Felt like prison. I managed to get outside for about 5 minutes a day. Standing at the entry of the hotel. It lashed down rain the whole time.

And now I am completely behind in life, in planning for my trip home on WEDNESDAY and with work. I've given up even thinking about trying to catch up with work; whatever needs to be done will either go away or wait for me in December.

Last week? Not an especially good week. Did I learn a lot? Yes. Mostly I learned that I have a lot more to learn. I don't mind that....just let me get some sleep while I do it, ok?

**I would have taken a cell phone picture or two, though, before I passed out. I'm not insane!

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