Wednesday, November 18, 2009

luckiest bitch on earth


So much to tell.

No energy to do it.

I checked on our house today. It needs a new roof. It's just a freaking awesome little house, every time i get near it I just love it more. I can't help it. It's small and funky and built in 1950 and has a great vibe to it. The tenants are actually taking care of things and I feel very good about it.

I think insurance will cover the roof, as it has a lot of hail damage from a storm last March. There have been a few hailstorms the past couple of years, The roof has taken a beating.

I've been driving around in my brother's VW Wolfsburg Cabrio (a 1997 or so?) and it has been so much fun. So nice to be in the sun and the weather is so damned fine. Like summer in Norway, but with more sun and more warmth behind the light.

I met my friend Gail for lunch today and it was so nice to reconnect to someone I have always admired for her style, grace and strength. She just reminded me that life is what you get out of it, and what you make of it. Something I always have believed in, but so good to see it in practice. She's always been a bit of a goddess in my eyes.

I went to bed at 9:30 last night. I should be out partying, but it feels so good to just sleep and luxuriate. I look at this trip as my time to re-group and recharge.

I'm at the hotel bar now, drinking cosmos, and in a few minutes i will wander down to...somewhere...and get something for dinner. I don't know what. Yet. But it will be good.

Or maybe I'll go to bed. I don't know.

But I can do whatever i want right now and the luxury of that is awesome.

Tomorrow I will drive...somewhere. Not sure yet. Will see where the mood takes me. San Marcos? Fredericksburg? Lake Travis? I dunno. But my time is mine to do with as I will and I am going to wander at will.

How many people right now can say that? Damn I'm lucky.

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