Friday, November 20, 2009

I won't nap...just yet.

A rainy day here in Austin. I suppose I could go off and do things. Important things. Detaily, niggly things. Things that I must do before I go back to Norway. Things that are on My List Of Things To Do. Things which involve leaving the hotel and driving around in the world.

Or I could take a nap. Which is foremost in my mind at the moment.

But first, must blog.

So. I met Julia for lunch today, at the Roaring Fork. (Sorry, but how can you NOT think of it as the Roaring Fuck, which would make it a much more interesting sort of place, in my opinion.) Anyhow, we both ordered 'Half Ass' burger, which was huge. They also have a 'Big Ass' burger, which, if I can judge by the size of the Half Ass, one damn huge assed burger. I am very full and very sleepy now.

Yesterday was a day of wearing myself out. I went and got some exercise around Town Lake, and overdid it a bit (ow thighs, ow ass, ow arms) and then got a wild hair and went out to the outlets in San Marcos. Spent a half hour out there, realized there was nothing I wanted or needed, so hotfooted it back to Austin.

Met Karla May (check side bar) for dinner and got loopy on a few margaritas. I love spending time with that woman, I wish I had met her earlier in life so I could have had more time with her.

After dinner I went back to the bar at the hotel to cadge the free internet and fell into talking with Austin Powers.

No really.

Austin Powers is in Texas right now and bought me a beer. Groovy baby!

Turns out Austin Powers is a rather fabulous Englishman with a penchant for the good life. He has a Very Important Job, though honestly, I am not sure what it is, but it involves neuro-something or other. (She twists her hair around her finger and acts blonde.) We had a rousing round of Bar Philosophy, which is one of my favorite sort of discussions. You know, where you idly chat with someone, usually somewhere liquor is served, and you start to discuss...everything. I have been lucky enough to have a few such discussions at bars in many countries (one of the reasons I enjoy traveling alone, when I must, because I usually find a good chat somewhere, my long time readers may remember the Yorkshiremen rugby team I fell in with in London?). I think between him and me, we have solved life's biggest problems and established a world view that could be a very good ideology as well. Too bad I had one too many beers and can't really remember the exact details with which to build my New World Order.

Because it would totally kick ass.

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