Tuesday, October 06, 2009

Taking down the posh a notch

Alternate Title: Why Karla thinks She's Funny.

A little break from all the apartment showing off, hmm?

On Sunday my friend Kristin came into Oslo with her puppy, Frida, and she, Elaina (a friend from the US), Nina (a friend of Kristin's) and I went to Frogner park to let Frida run around the dog park. Though, honestly, Frida is not much of a runner, so it was a slow walk while she sniffed every dog she encountered on the way. She's a very curious and sociable puppy.

Anyhow, we finally got to the dog park area and there was this mass of muddy, crazed dogs of every breed (though mostly pure breeds as people here just don't DO mutts) running crazy and being fairly sociable except for the occasional turf scuffle. Frida gamely joined the fray and instantly attracted this little pug over for a visit.

This pug, however, seems mostly interested in Frida's ass. Like, for half and hour, its little puggy nose was PLANTED in Frida's ass, which is pretty much pug nose sized. Wherever Frida went, that pug just had its face in her ass and it would NOT take it out. A few times Frida couldn't even put her back feet on the ground, the pug was firmly ensconced in her ass and as Frida walked forward, the pug followed, so Frida just used her front legs and the pug became her back legs, like a perverse chinese dragon or something. Frida was very patient with it, looking back curiously every so often, like "Why am I shitting a pug?"

This continued on to a point where it was becoming obscene. Like, you guys go get a room or something.

I couldn't help it, of course. It had to be said.

So I did: "Look! A Butt Pug!"

(Even some nearby Norwegians laughed at that one.)

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