Thursday, October 01, 2009

slipppin' in to mosey

That's a phrase from some of my Austin friends. Slippin' in to mosey, settling down, getting comfortable, ready to mosey.

I am starting that with the new flat. Getting settled in, establishing my routine and my mosey.

They turned on the heat last night, which is good as it was starting to get COLD up in here. They posted a sign on the front door notifying everyone, and it was a very happy event for me. It's already hitting the freezing point at night, and there are some drafty windows in this place, even if they are double hung. I was getting really chilly. Part of me was worried this would be a cold old place in winter, it's big and it's brick and it's old, but I also know Norwegians, and one thing they do NOT stand for is a cold interior, no matter where. Just like Texans with their A/C in summer, places in Norway, whether buses, trains, offices or houses, are always VERY warm in winter. You can wear a t shirt easily in most places with no worried about cold. They just don't stand for being cold indoors. Not tolerated at all.

And so it is in here. Warm and cozy. AND, happiest of all, included in the rent, so we can be warm and not have to pay the outlandish heating costs you find in some places.

Thank you landlords, you rock. We heart you.

I walked home through the park today. It is a pretty big detour from the usual route, longer by about 15 minutes, but it's nice. I walk past some historic old houses and along a rushing stream and it's a glorious sound. I won't do it at night, though, as the paths would be a bit scary. But in summer, I will wend my leisurely way though the 'pahk' and enjoy the beauty.

And now: I've had a few people ask me about the haunt we think we have in the place.

The ghost: It's just a VIBE. The dining room, though it has windows, has a darkness to it. It's a big, important room, very grandiose and authoritative. Not a room to fuck around in. There is a sense of things having happened there that are still hanging in the air. Maybe not bad, but of importance. Rich feels it too. It just feels very previously occupied. I find myself sort of going faster when I go through there at night. Like I'm interrupting someone's space. The room swallows light. But I think it will be GORGEOUS in candlelight and I hope to have many nice dinners with friends in there, to add our lightness and fun to it and so maybe leave our own history there too.

I am so relieved it is not cold in here. This apartment rocks.

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