Friday, October 16, 2009

lonely in my guilded cage

OK, so I have to admit something.

I'm lonely.

I miss our previous home.

The other place was so very central. Smack dab in the middle of a small town, I had everything I needed within 100 meters. So damned convenient. Even the pub, center of most of our nightlife (even if we got tired of the same ol' same ol') was within that distance. A good staggering distance, you know? I was familiar with all the shops' stock and could suss out the good new stuff or the good sale stuff within seconds, swooping in for the retail kill.

Now? Work, home, tv. Work, home, tv. Workhometvwork. I'm a bit lonely.

Do I like this apartment? Sure, it's stunning. Walking through that extraordinary dining room, I still have to stop and pause and just...look. But. Going grocery shopping is SUCH a pain in the ass now, there's women with clicky heels, giant baby strollers and chihuahuas in my way all the damned time. I have to take a tram to a decent store, no more popping over for a quick shopping run. Prices for food here are quite a bit more than anywhere else. No quick dash to get a pizza (though I did get some decent sushi tonight). And why, why WHY do the busses have to bunch up and all come at once, three in a row, after a 20 minute wait, when they are supposed to be every 6 minutes?

Don't get me wrong, I know I am lucky, but most of the people I hung out with are still in the old place and I, me, lonely me, am here. Rich still goes there every day for work and so hangs out at the pub after for a drink or two, coming home late, and I get to hear the latest goings on but I don't get to BE there.

I'm lonely in my splendour. Lonely.

And there is nothing on the damned tv.

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