Wednesday, October 28, 2009


My cold got worse. I woke up feeling like shit on toast.

Grrr. Grumble. bad day.

I freaked myself out today when, desperate to get out of the house for a little bit, I ambled up the road for a coffee. I had been glued to my computer all day doing an online course as a precursor to the course I have to take next week. It's worked out ok, I mean, I felt too crappy to go to the office but had to do that course, which ended up being better to do on the sofa with tissues and a blanket than sitting on my desk at work. Got more done that way....chalk one up for deathbed efficiency!


I threw on some street clothes, went to get my coffee. Now, I am used to the level of non-service one generally receives in Oslo, but wow, what was up with today, I wondered. I mean, jeez, rude much? I mean, i'm not homeless or anything, and I don't smell....

Then I got home. Glanced in the mirror. Realized...I hadn't actually glanced in a mirror yet today. And realized why the service at the coffee place was just trying to get me the hell out the door.

I didn't know hair could DO that. I didn't know I could look quite that bad. I looked like a tired and cranky hedgehog pulled backwards out of a log.

I also didn't know I could be quite so unvain as to go out my apartment without even THINKING about how I looked, even a little.

Is this what happens when you get old?

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