Sunday, October 11, 2009

And....I really don't have much to say (or maybe I do)

It's a rainy cold Sunday out there, it's a toss up as to whether the rain is rain or sleet.

Whatever, it's not making me want to go out into it.

Our apartment is very cozy, warm, snuggly. We have been doing those last little settling in things; hanging pictures, minor rearranging, little decorative bits here and there. Rich is a bit of an interior design fetishist, I think. He has definite ideas about what he wants, and he generally has good taste. Occasionally I suggest a better alignment of something, or perhaps a way to make a collection look stronger by focusing on color or something, but he is pretty good for a guy. He has an artist's heart. The main difference between our design outlooks is he likes things very evenly spaced and four square, while I practice asymmetry and varying heights. So there is a small war on where I do my angled off center thing and when I come into the room later it's all centered and square. It usually takes a few non verbal skirmishes before one of us lets it go, depending on the room and the importance to whoever did the arranging.

The new bed continues to delight. My back is very happy with it. Oh it's heavenly. I look forward to bed time even more than I did before, which I didn't think was possible. Going to bed seems almost decadent, now.

I suppose everyone has heard about Obama winning the Nobel. I think surprise was the first impression and emotion we all felt. Now it's settled in. Everyone at work has been asking me what I think, as the Token American. What I do think is that the world is just so happy to have Obama as President after Bush, that if they could make him the Pope they'd do that too. Honestly, I just hope that all this accolade and adoration doesn't burn him out too early, he has so much to achieve and accomplish, and I worry that he is trying to do too much too soon (though of course, we all are so EAGER to get it done already, and make up for 8 shitty years). I mean, I see the point, give him the Nobel based on his potential, but I still sort of think it might have waited a little so that time could shake it out and he could rest on his laurels instead having them already and now having to live up to them.

He's got a lot of work to do. I just don't want all this early adoration to result in backlash later when it's shown that he is NOT superhuman. He has so much to fight against, so many fools to get through, and they are going to make it as hard as they can for him to get anything done, because they know that the simplest failure will fall completely on him. It's a no brainer. You can't lift someone so high without having many, many jealous small people who will do their damndest to bring him down.

It's our job to make sure they don't succeed.

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