Wednesday, April 08, 2009

Random pictures on a spring day in Missouri

Finally a warm sunny day.

Mom and I did yoga this morning and then (after my restorational 2 hour nap, hey, I'm on holiday) we went for a walk. The yoga was pretty tough, if I do say so, though similar to what we do in Norway. Just more poses, done more quickly.

The walk was great, though my body is a bit sore from all the yoga-ing. Here's some pictures of a beautiful spring day in MO.

Dad holding up another piece of his old Chevy truck that fell off. He's hauling and cutting wood today. He does that alot. 

Buddha and tulips. Dad also builds Japanese gardens and very beautiful fish ponds. Mom goes crazy in spring with the flowers and the gardening. 

Some of Dad's wood. SOME of it. 

Big fat frog in the pond. About two feet away is a black pile of tadpole eggs floating on the top of the pond. Another few weeks and tadpoles will be everywhere. I used to catch them in my mom's favorite frying pan when I was a kid growing up in Houston. She didn't like that much. (I only started using the frying pan after she banned me from the flour sifter, which was much more effective but unfortunately got me busted as it got clogged with algae. Dishwashers don't really do a good job of getting algae out of sifter screens. I always did learn the hard way.)

One of the ancient barns on the land. They were built mid 1850's. The wood is practically petrified. 

Tuefel in the foreground, Stihl in back. At the creek. Waiting attentively for sticks or stones to be thrown their way. (Tuefel means "devil" in German, and Stihl was so named because when she was a puppy she sawed through everything with her gnawing. Dad has a Stihl chainsaw.)

Mom up the creek without a paddle. Or, for that matter, a boat. It's a nice creek.  Nice mom too. 

PUPPY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Ankle biting chaos creating adorable love muffin puppy!

An ancient catalpa tree right outside the house. It's really big. The yellow bushes are blooming forsythias. Mom waxes poetic about the forsythias. 

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