Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Ramblings as I wait for my luggage

I am waiting for BA to deliver my luggage. I got one suitcase yesterday on arrival, the other decided to go on walkabout at Heathrow.

One lesson learned? If you lock your suitcase, don't take the brilliant decision to then put the keys for that lock in the front pocket of the OTHER suitcase? Because, you might just get one suitcase, the locked one, and then not be able to get it open. I've spent the morning finding every small stupid key in the house and trying to fit them in the lock. Additional note to self: Store keys in ONE PLACE and perhaps label them. Me? Not the smartest person ever invented.

I could cut the lock, I suppose, but the locks came with the suitcase and I kind of want to have one, whole, intact suitcase set with accompanying accoutrements.

Other random stuff from the past few days:
  • American toilet paper is too soft. I prefer the slightly more exfoliating nature of the paper in Europe.
  • Too many damned big ugly churches in Middle Amurca. Where is all the money for these big ugly square shed-style buildings coming from?
  • Americans at the airport are in need of some serious wardrobe help. Sorry, wearing cut off sweats and filthy t shirts with flip flops? NOT suitable for travel. Just...NOT. I was appalled at the level of disrespectful dressing I saw. People from all over the world will see this how you want Americans to be thought of? Yuck.
  • That upgrade, or whatever, I got to business class? God, it made all the difference. The long haul flight from Chicago to Heathrow felt short! I slept! For, like, 5 hours! I was actually a bit bummed I didn't have more time on the plane to mess about with more movies, and the seat, and have more champagne and snacks! And have people call me ma'am and pay attention to my every whim! I wasn't too tired when I got home! 9Tired, yes, but not TOO tired!)
  • Are the US drug companies the ONLY ones paying for television advertising lately? And, as a side note, is having an erection really THAT important?
  • American clothes really just do fit me better. Better quality, better sizing and better prices.
  • J Peterman rocks. I bought all this stuff from there, thinking I might have to return some, and I returned NONE. The pants fit right out of the box, perfection. The dresses? Gorgeous. Now if only I could get them out of my locked suitcase!
  • I saw the movie "Marley and Me" on the flight from Chicago to London and I bawled. (Po, you would understand.) The part at the end? Been there, done that, and seriously, I couldn't even LOOK at it as it made me cry too hard. On a plane. In the middle seat. Oh god, dork am I or what?
  • I really missed: My husband. My bathtub. My bed. Gorgeous Norwegian water. In that order.
  • Whenever we move back home, I am going to Target every damned day.
  • I felt like a foreigner in the US. Coming home, when it happens? Won't be as easy as I thought. I am a bit confused as to where home is, now. Texas, yes, home, but I fear some reverse culture shock. Luckily? Friends....I have the best ones ever.

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