Wednesday, April 29, 2009

absolutely brilliant

This article on the NPR website has me laughing my ass off.


The other day I read how Gov. Hairy was asking the government for more Tamiflu, etc., for this swine flu scare, and was thinking about how hypocritical it is that he goes crawling to the Feds when the shit hits the fan, but is all big words and rhetoric about receding from the US and how we don’t need them. What a load of crap!


As proud as I am of being a Texan, our state government is so whacked I sometimes just want to cringe in embarrassment that these assholes are our ‘leaders’.


In other news, Friday is a holiday in Norway. MayDay. Worker’s Day. I am not much of a fan of unions (having been dragooned into one the summer I worked in Yosemite and ended up paying way too much in Union fees for a job I hated that the union said I didn’t have the seniority to get out of) but I am very happy to have the day off. Hey, I paid my dues many years ago (literally) and I think I am still due a few more days off. I only remembered Monday that this is a four day week…woo!

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