Thursday, April 02, 2009

here's me packing.

No, really. I'm packing. Packing for my trip to the US.

It's just.....

Why bother packing anything? I have about 6 packages from Banana Republic, J. Peterman, Gap and Target awaiting me upon my arrival. Don't really need any clothes then. There's a Target (and a mall) a mere 90 minute drive from my parents' house, and if I am really desperate there's a Super Walmart 10 minutes in the other direction. I left some sneakers in the basement of my parents house for when we go for walks, I can borrow a jacket from my mom, and honestly, I only need a pair or two of jeans because I am gonna get filthy dirty running around and playing with PUPPIES all day. (My brother is getting a new puppy and one for a friend. And I get to whop the snot out of them for a whole week! Puppies are my absolute favorite thing.)

I've packed all the gifts I'm bringing in one suitcase, and some random clothes. In the other suitcase I'll toss in a few more things and then call it a day. (I need two suitcases for the trip back, dontcha know. Normally I just buy another one there, but we seem to have a glut of suitcases now, and I really just don't NEED another one.)

so. There we have it. Packed and sorted, mostly.

The main thing I need to buy in the States? Bras. For some reason, lately, Norway has been taken over by what I call the Stand Alone bra. You know, those bras that have padding or poofing or the cups that stand on their own volition? Ok, so the last thing I want is MORE breastage appearing on the front of my chest, as a 36 D verging on DD, I really don't need any 'enhancement', thank you so much. (Not unless I want to rest my chin on my tits at work.) I just want a few nice, soft, stretchy, comfy bras that support what I got without adding any oomph to an already oomphy situation. I can't find them ANYWHERE here. All the lingerie stores are filled with wall upon wall of colorful pneumatic breast holders just standing at attention to be placed on a chest, where they can then stand independent of what is underneath. Large walls of boobs. God it's horrible. All lacy and rough and scratchy and artificial. What is a girl with actual, real, live breasts supposed to WEAR? So, I am going to hit Target and wherever else HARD so I can find my normal, old fashioned, comfy yet stylish bras without any padding. It shouldn't be that hard. (Nor should the bras be, for that matter.)

Ok, 20 more minutes of random shoving things in a suitcase, except for bras, then time for dinner.

Look for tweets tomorrow, but probably no blog post for a day or so. (Not that I am all that regular about it anymore anyhow. Used to the disappointment yet?)

Oh forgot to say, gorgeous day outside, it must be 50 degrees, I have the windows open and the sun shines. Spring is close enough to taste.....and so I leave. Heh, typical.

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