Thursday, April 23, 2009

Because I don't FEEL like it

I need to fix dinner but I don't feel like it just yet. Unfortunately, I mentioned the "S" word to my husband, and now he won't leave me alone about it. If only I have not said that word, I would have gotten away with a lazy evening, but NO, now i have to cook.

The S word? Stroganoff. The boy loves his Stroganoff.

Ok, OK!..... I'll get to it in a minute.


I seem to have been attacked by the evil nose filling sneeze causing spirit that gives people allergies. Yes, for the first time ever in my 40 years...... I think I am suffering spring allergies.

They? Suck. Seriously.

And there is no way I can escape them, so I am thinking that I am just going to be out there, IN the pollen, and FORCE my body to accept the pollen again, as it has every year of my Godforsaken life. Why would nose suddenly NOT accept something it has accepted every year until now? I don't get it. Stupid histamines. We don't have AC, we have to have to windows open in summer, and I have to go outside all the time, so trying to hide from pollen WON'T work. It gets in the house and I literally have to dust the pollen off every surface. I'm taking the occasional antihistamine, some prescription stuff I got when I got hives recently. It works ok, makes me sort of stupid (well, stupider than normal) and I could sleep 20 out of the 24 hours in the day with NO problem. Except the sneezing, of course. THAT is a problem. That and the fact that my nose feels like it's filled with gravel.

How do people DO this?

I won't let it get me down, I won't let it stick. I won't put up with this every year and I WILL go back to my former non-allergic state. (Heh, even if that state ends up being Texas.)

In other, better, news, tomorrow night is a night out with My Boys from work. This time I get to have another girl with me on the night out, a crazy Canadian I work with who might be the only other woman in the world who has a wonkier sense of humor than me. I can make her laugh so hard at lunch that she snorts. We all try hard to make her snort, now, because she also cries and it gets very entertaining. The hilarrity spreads and soon the table is full of crying snorting howling people of all nationalities. Should be a fun night, tomorrow..... me...13 boys and a Red Headed Canadian Snorter.

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