Sunday, April 12, 2009

Happy Easter! (Multi-Cultural style)

When I was a kid we'd usually go to my grandparent's house on the Mississippi Gulf Coast for Easter. Omi and Opi were students of Asian art and culture, and had a beautiful Japanese garden and the house was a veritable shrine to Asian (mostly SE Asian, Thai and Cambodian) art. Our Easter egg hunts, therefore, were interesting. We never knew which Buddha or Fu dog would be holding an egg. 

After Omi and Opi died, Mom and Dad ended up with alot of the things that used to be in the Mississippi house (lately destroyed by Katrina, that bitch.) Some of the stuff they got will always remind me of Easter eggs, as seen below.

Fat Buddha say "Yeay! An Easter egg!!"

Fu Dog say, "Go ahead, make my day."

Put that Easter egg in your pipe and smoke it!

My favorite egg-holding Buddha. My brother and I always got to this one first. 

The egg in the photos became my breakfast a scant 10 minutes after his modeling debut. Scrambled up and eaten with gusto. 

Happy Easter everyone!

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