Friday, September 07, 2007

What I am thinking about/obsessing over today

About a year and a half ago I bought my godchild, Her Majesty, Bookhart's youngest, an adorable black satin hooded anorak. Ever since then, I have been obsessed with that jacket and I.Want.One. for myself.

But they seem not to really have them in growed up sizes. What I want is something that is sporty enough to wear on a walk and nice enough to wear to work, but also rain resistant and warm. But not too warm. Like, I want to be able to wear it in Austin and not just in Norway. In essence, I want a formal anorak that I can wear in the rain, too. Yes, this would seem impossible.

I keep searching online for hooded black anoraks and find all these sporty North Face things. I am just NOT a North Face, Helly Hansen or Patagonia kinda gal. The only time you see me in fleece or plastic is when I am working out, I never wear sweats out as my clothing for the day. I don't own any sporty outdoor hikey sort of clothes, except some Timberland sneaks. This is not done out of snootiness, just that I don't feel my best in sporty clothes. (I think I might end up being one of those old ladies who never wears jeans. I hope not, but I think it might happen. Jeans are just not that comfortable anymore. The way I'm going, I'll be wearing taffeta to work within two years.)

Anyhow, after much searching I think I might have found the jacket on the Nordstrom website. It's by Michael Kors and I have great hopes for it, especially as the fur collar (which I did not want) is detachable. It's black, has a hood and is satiny nylon, sporty but not TOO sporty...Karla Sporty. To be worn with black leggings and a cute turtleneck sweaterdress....see?

I've ordered it and had it sent to my parents, who I will be visiting next week. Yep, I am headed back to the ol' US of A again. Not really looking forward to the flight, but I AM looking forward to seeing the folks and hanging out.
This explains why I have not been posting much, as I have been balls to the wall busy at work trying to get everything in shape. And then, when I get home from work? Last thing I wanna do is get on a computer again. So the blog is sadly neglected. Even though I do think about it, and even come up with posts in my head. They just don't get posted.

Other news: Got a text from my friend Grant (WeeHaggis) yesterday. He was at a team building exercise for work that had him WALKING ON HOT COALS. This made me laugh. I mean, most of us think our jobs are hard or challenging at times...but has YOUR employer ever made you walk on hot coals? Hmm? Bet not. Next time you complain about your job, just think of poor ol' Grant being forced to bare his feet to the flames in the interest of corporate team spirit! (Just kidding, he said it was a total rush. I think he just has tough feet.)

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